Sunday, March 28, 2010

nightingale :)


This is a singular story that takes place in China.
The Emperor didn't know about a little bird, which everybody talked about.
He ordered to take him to his palace and when he heard the bird's song he was totally astonished. 
However, a mechanical nightingale appeared. This bird was beautiful, it was never tired and it never made mistakes.
The real nightingale went back to the woods.
But after some time the mechanical bird broke and the Emperor got ill.

A little girl brought the real nightingale back and when the Emperor heard him singing again, he recovered his health.

Theme: loyalty,love,friendship,music,fairy tale/Legend


1)place:China,palace,woods/forest,gardens, blue sea,town
2)time:legendary times
3)social:A poor Fisherman,Emperor of China,Work for the emperor,travellers


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