Friday, July 16, 2010

empty decorations

terima kasih kerana berbuat demikian.
tak sangka.
apa yang dijangka berlaku,
dah berlaku.
Allah knows better.
tak mengapa.
just keep praying.


I wake in the dawn to showers of light
Moments of emptiness surround
Floating away with auras of hope
But reality brings me down to the ground
What can i do ?
What can i say ?
I need a place to hide away
Just for a while, just for a smile
Just for the life i used to know

Where every song
Was filled with words of love and not of anger
Where did they go ?
Why did they leave me far behind ?

Cause i don't wanna be alone  
Living life all on my own  
I don't wanna live my life in isolation
Filled with empty decorations
Cause i wanna be with the people that i know
Who will do the things i do  
Making all my dreams come true
I don't recognize the shadows on my door 
Although I've seen them all before 
Because the only thing i really want is to be with you...

I look at the sky, it looks back at me
I can't hear the silent melodies
I know that I'm here yet i am lost 
Blown in confusion by the breeze
Hiding my face, crying alone
I need to find my way back home
Back to the place, the wonderful days
Living the life i used to know
Where every smile
Was born out of a love and of sincerity
And every tear of overflowing joy...

Indecisive - Empty Decorations