Monday, June 29, 2009

rindu2 itik

hey..itik pulang petang.
ingin pulang sama..boleh??
i miss home..sgt!!
a week here..just for the emptiness
how life runs out so slow.. it's just another wasted day..arghhh!!
i just play n play with those stupid things.. je~sbb dh sgt bosan n xtau nk wat ape.
It's like a huge part of me is empty and gone..
dis is me??

just forget da past n live my life.
I want to be fine..I want to be better..
strength.. pls come here n stay with me *_*

i love dis:
"itik...balik kampung"

be fine and be cool bebeh :)


atinmarzuki said...

be strong dear :)

atinmarzuki said...
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cUpiE_cakEs said... pun rndu umah ugak

shasha_iffa said...